Electroplated Diamond&CBN Grinding Wheel
  • Electroplated Diamond&CBN Grinding WheelElectroplated Diamond&CBN Grinding Wheel

Electroplated Diamond&CBN Grinding Wheel

Electroplated Diamond&CBN Grinding Wheel are used for surface grinding ,internal grinding, slot grinding and profile grinding . Such as ceramics, glass, tungsten Carbide, ferrite ,chilled cast iron, founded alloy steel, titanium alloy, etc

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Product Description

Buy Wholesale Electroplated Diamond&CBN Grinding Wheel Made in China

Electroplated Diamond&CBN Grinding Wheel tools are made up of a basic single layer or multi-layers (depending on application) that are bonded to the tool surface using a nickel matrix. The product can be made with various shapes and they are suitable for special complicated profile, surface grinding ,Internal grinding, Slot grinding,Profile grinding and others form grinding.

Applications of Electroplated Diamond&CBN Grinding Wheel

diamond tools for non - ferrous industry CBN tools for metallic materials industry

* Carbide (grinding green and sintered tungsten carbide)

* Ceramic (grinding ceramics like SIC, AJO,ZrO, etc)

* Automotive (brake liners and cutting re-enforced rubber mouldings)

* Pharmaceutical (grinding factitious knee joint)

* Dental (profiling rubber bonded grinding pins)

* Ferrite (grinding magnetic parts)

* Chemical (grinding laboratory glass)

* Graphite (grinding graphite parts)

* Glass (grinding tubes, automotive components)

* Fiberglass ,Plastics and Electronic components, etc

* High-speed tool steels

* Die steel

* Hardened carbon steels

* Hardened stainless steels

* Alloy steels,Titanium Alloy

* Aerospace alloys

* Abrasion resistant ferrous materials, etc

Electroplated Diamond&CBN Grinding Wheel

Electroplated CBN wheels are used for woodturning tools sharpening. Compare with traditional grinding wheels, our CBN wheels have the cutting fast and high speed feed grinding, will not cause rough surface and burn problems, leaves fine finish on tool bevel and don't need any dressing,etc

Diameter: 6 inch, 8 inch and 10 inch Thickness :1 inch, 1.5 inch and 2 inch Arbor hole :1/2 inch, 5/8 inch, 1-1/4 inch
Radius edge: 1/4 inch Grain Size: 80#, 180#, 220#, 350#, 600#, 800#, 1200# Applicable grinder: Bench grinder

Radius Edge and Flat Coated CBN grinding wheel radius CBN grinding wheel CBN grinding wheel for bench grinder CBN grinding wheel for wood turning

Electroplated Diamond&CBN Grinding Wheel (grinding rubber tire, carbide roll, ceramic and gemstone...)

electroplated diamond wheel for rubber tire grinding 11A2 electroplated diamond wheel diamond grinding wheel for carbide rolls grinding diamond flat lapping disc for gemstone

Electroplated CBN Grinding Wheels, Band Saw Blades

CBN grinding wheel for band saw CBN grinding wheel for band saw diamond band saw blades electroplated CBN grinding wheel

Electroplated Diamond Mounted Points, Dental Diamond Burs, Diamond Rotary Disc

diamond mounted points Dental Diamond Burs diamond rotary cutting disc, mini disc CNC grinding wheel for CNC cutter Gerber

Electroformed Dicing Blade, Diamond Cutting Disc

Dicing Blades diamond cutting disc electroplated diamond cutting wheel

Advantages of Electroplated Diamond&CBN Grinding Wheel

No dressing procedure necessary,Body can be re-plated several times

High geometric and proportion precision,Complicated forming

retain their original shape and dimensions throughout their working life

Simple electroplated process, less investment convenient manufacturing

Excellent surface roughness, high grinding efficiency , long tool life

free-faster cutting, no dressing, less heating due to the diamond particles protruding from the surface.

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