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  • For diamond or CBN wheels, in most cases the outer diameter of the wheel depends on the grinding machine. So we generally use the size recommended by the machine manufacturer, but if we can make or modify the machine ourselves, or the outer diameter can be set freely, then it is difficult to decide which size to use.


  • According to the abrasive, it can be divided into ordinary abrasive (corundum, silicon carbide, etc.) grinding wheel and super-hard abrasive (natural/synthetic diamond, cubic boron nitride, etc.) grinding wheel;


  • In the grinding process, under the action of friction and extrusion, the edges and corners of the grinding wheel gradually become round and blunt, or in the grinding of tough materials, the grinding debris is often embedded in the pore of the grinding wheel surface, so that the surface of the grinding wheel is blocked, and finally the grinding wheel loses its cutting ability.


  • Jiangyin Xinghua Diamond Co., Ltd. was established in 2005, as one of the professional China diamond wheel manufacturers and China diamond wheel suppliers, we have passed ISO9001: 2000 certification.(China diamond wheel)


  • Dressing of diamond grinding wheel is to sharpen the abrasive particles on the grinding wheel without proper dressing. Even the best grinding wheels cannot achieve the high quality and dimensional consistency of the parts being machined. When grinding with superhard grinding wheel, dressing tool or roller is used for dressing.


  • Diamond particle size: The commonly used diamond particle size is 30/35~60/80. The harder the rock, the finer the grain size. Because under the same pressure conditions, the finer and sharper the diamond, this helps to cut into hard rock.