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  • A diamond wheel is a specialized tool used largely in the manufacturing and materials processing industries for various cutting, grinding, and abrasive machining applications. A diamond wheel is distinguished by the use of industrial-grade diamonds, often synthetic, as the abrasive material. Diamonds are imbedded in the surface of the wheel, resulting in a highly durable and effective cutting or grinding tool.


  • Diamond tools have been widely used in construction, building materials, petroleum, geology, metallurgy, machinery, electronics, ceramics, wood, automobiles and other industries. Diamond tools are an emerging industry, and there is still a lot of room for them to replace traditional tools.


  • Through the research and analysis of the development and application of diamond tools, it is shown that the application of coated diamond tools is of great significance to the development of diamond tools.


  • Diamond grinding wheels can be divided into: resin bond diamond grinding wheel; vitrified bond diamond grinding wheel; metal bond diamond grinding wheel (bronze bond diamond grinding wheel)


  • Diamond grinding wheels are used for grinding of hard and brittle materials such as glass, ceramics, ferrite, semiconductor materials and metal materials, shape processing of hard alloy materials, electrolytic grinding, and grinding of diamond drills for grinding centers, etc. Heavy-duty cutting, with the characteristics of good grinding wear resistance, high efficiency and long service life.


  • A ceramic diamond grinding wheel is a specialized type of grinding wheel that combines ceramic and diamond abrasive materials. It is used for various grinding and cutting applications, particularly in the machining and shaping of hard and brittle materials. They are typically made of a ceramic bond matrix combined with diamond particles. The ceramic bond provides strength and durability, while the diamond particles act as the abrasive material for grinding.