Diamond&CBN wheel for CNC grinders
  • Diamond&CBN wheel for CNC grindersDiamond&CBN wheel for CNC grinders

Diamond&CBN wheel for CNC grinders

Diamond&CBN wheel for CNC grinders

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Product Description

Diamond&CBN wheel for CNC grinders Free Sample can be Customized

One: Product name: diamond&cbn wheel for cnc grinders
Two: Product specifications: 11V9 70 degrees—D75/D80*T25*H20/31.75*X3*U10
Three: Product model: 1V1 11V9 1A1 14A1
Four: Product size: D64, D46, D76, D54, etc. can be produced according to customer requirements

Diamond&CBN wheel for CNC grinders features: maintain good profile accuracy, perfect processing quality; suitable for high-efficiency grinding processing with fast feed, high material removal efficiency; good wear resistance and shape retention, long dressing cycle, good cutting edge quality of processed workpieces .

Five: suitable for grinder:
Walter from Germany, ANCA from Australia, Saacke from Germany, DECKEL from Germany, ROLLOMATIC from Switzerland, STAR from the United States, Dingwei TOP from Taiwan, Schlieberg from Switzerland, SCHNEEBERGE, Strausak from Switzerland and other imported and domestic five-axis tools The grinder carbide milling cutter drill bit is grooved and the back is shoveled.
Six: suitable material:
Applicable processing materials: dedicated to PCD, PCBN blades, carbide blades; solid carbide, high-speed steel, stainless steel drills, cermet knives, milling cutters, reamers and other CNC tools for high-precision grinding.
Seven: Product advantages:
1. High stability. The company has been engaged in the production of diamond grinding wheels for a long time, and the process is stable and reliable
2. Good cutting force. The specially formulated resin bond ensures good cutting force and high efficiency. The spindle load is low.
3. Good shape retention. The special formula ensures that the sharp corners are not easy to wear.
4. Good self-sharpening. Under the condition of ensuring the cutting force, the self-sharpening is good and the cutting force is kept stable.
5. Rich formula. Different power grinders have the right formula to ensure the best use effect,

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